Site optimization

Our specialists compress web pages which accelerates your web site from 30% up to 70% – without changing your site’s appearance. Also we make search engine optimization for Google and Yahoo.

Maintain Web Site’s design

We remove unneeded data from Web Pages. Since this data is ultimately ignored by the web browsers anyway, web pages appear exactly the same.

All the GIF and JPEG images look exactly the same.

All JavaScript and other programming code functions remain the same. However, it runs faster because unneeded formatting, which the browser must ignore, has been removed.

Faster Web Page, loaded in

With site optimized by us you’re transmitting less information, pages on the Web browser side are loaded faster.

Save bandwidth

Your web server and bandwidth are also reduced. If you compress your Web Site by 40% then you’ll save 40% of bandwidth, you are able to serve 40% more traffic using the same bandwidth.


FireFoxInternet Explorer

Page optimized by us are compatible with FireFox and Internet Explorer 5+ to make sure the web pages function and display faithfully.

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