Custom Solutions

Load balancing – Load-easing solutions for high-traffic web sites. Ensure all your site visitors receive super fast responses no matter how many visitors it receives.

Application Monitoring – monitor the performance and availability of servers, applications and storage and network devices. Monitoring is accomplished remotely (agentless) with no software residing on the elements being monitored.

Load Balancing

When a single Web Server machine isn’t enough to handle the traffic on your Web site it’s time to look into building a Web Farm that uses multiple machines on the network acting as a single server.

Windows Server 2003 can meet your business continuity requirements

without putting pressure on your staff or budget. You will be able to offer high availability for a wide variety of applications because the newest generation of Server Cluster is much less expensive to deploy and manage. Network Load Balancing clusters will enable you to scale your applications, allowing you to start small and grow only as demand proves necessary. Factor in the savings from improved availability—the scalability benefits, the simplified management, and competitive total cost of ownership—and Windows Server 2003 pays for itself.

What did you blame the last time you had to explain downtime?

Maybe you said the hardware was responsible because a memory chip failed. Did nature cause the failure because heavy rains flooded your data center? Maybe it was even the cleaning people’s fault, because they unplugged your server to plug in their vacuum. No matter what the cause, your business suffers when work stops because a critical service is offline.
Regardless of what caused the failure, you’re responsible for the downtime. You can and must plan for all of these unpredictable events. In the past, technology was one of the most significant hurdles to overcome when implementing a business continuity plan. Today, Windows Server 2003 provides a suite of tools to provide availability and scalability that is capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements.

Network Load Balancing
We can provide you with services for configuring, management and monitoring of clusters and network load balancing infrastructure. Combined with datacenter features and ssl certificates you can have a secure business, all for your clients.


Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring

IT professionals spend an inordinate amount of time and money installing and maintaining system management applications. Current solutions require so much time and effort that even the largest organizations monitor only a fraction of their total IT investments. In turn, this forces the IT staff to tactically respond only to the most pressing problems. The end results are poorly performing applications, frustrated customers and an overwhelmed IT staff.

Our Software’s solution – monitors the performance and availability of servers, applications and storage and network devices. Monitoring is accomplished remotely (agentless) with no software residing on the elements being monitored.

We also monitor the performance and availability of Web transactions. Monitoring both infrastructure and transactions enables IT to quickly determine how infrastructure problems affect the end-user experience and resolve them.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Cuts down operating costs by remotely monitoring availability of storage and network devices, systems and application infrastructure
  • Measures customers’ true end-to-end Web site experiences with the ability to simulate visitors from outside the firewall
  • Improves service levels by reporting service problems and notifying the appropriate contact after pinpointing the problem
  • Determines whether backend infrastructure and Web sites meet SLAs by measuring their performance and availability against defined objectives
  • Offers all parties centralized access to reports via a Web portal


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