About FirmsHosting

FirmsHosting is a Canadian company established in 2001 with its headquarters in Toronto.

We are dedicated to HOSTED ENVIRONMENTS since day one, that is why we built the multi grid architecture based on multiple internet providers, multi locations and multi hardware and software platforms.
FirmsHosting is proud to provide 99.999% uptime on our fully redundant server environments due to our continuous investment in top notch equipment and highest technical skilset.

Our focus is the customer and his needs that is why we are providing unlimited expansion capabilities to keep-up with your business growth as well with your continuous demands for new features.
We believe in what we do, that is why FirmsHosting is the only Canadian company that guaranties the migration and functionality of your infrastructure in our hosted environment.

Our virtual services have no boundaries, as quality services are recognized all over the World. We are considered a Global provider for Hosted Environments, reason why we have several customers outside of Canada.