Network Infrastructure

Our servers are in a Data Center downtown in Toronto Canada with direct access to over 70 networks from America and Europe so that you can have a shorter link between server and the European and Canadian visitors. The facilities offered by this Data Center are fire-extinguishing systems, multiple power supplying systems, 24/24 h network monitoring, 99,99% network uptime.

FirmsHosting provides the customers a reliable web hosting system and it assures as well a maximum accessibility time.

The FirmsHosting’s architecture system allows the company to host the client’s websites within its own network. This operational center offers the client’s more security and stability to what concerns the hosted web site

Being different to the most hosting companies, the whole FirmsHosting infrastructure was built and developed “in house” by a talented team of experienced technicians. Here the hosting software and the automation are directly linked to the customer’s needs.